The history of KFS AB

KFS in Lund AB is the company that runs the student bookshop KFS. The company is wholly owned by the Teknologkåren at Lunds Tekniska University (TLTH).


KFS's history begins at the end of the 1960s with what is called Veckobladsverksamheten (VBV) - a weekly newspaper business. Students created VBV with the intent of producing affordable course literature. The students asked the lecturers for notes and these could then be subscribed weekly for a fee - this laid the foundation for KFS.

In 1972, the Kompendieförmedlingen Sigma was then started as part of TLTH. At first they used old stenciling methods to print compendiums, but they later switched to what is called an offset-method and finally to the print-on-demand technology. KFS was then one of the first printing companies in Sweden to invest in print-on-demand, the latest technology, and also had an early collaboration with Xerox.

An exerpt from an e-mail to customers in 2001. Translation: "Here the latest generation of digital printing technology prints 30 000 pages per hour!"

KFS was originally located in the basement of the E-building until 1987, when the at the time so-called KFS-building was built next to Kårhuset. In 1994, the company shifted from an economic association to a corporation and the name KFS i Lund AB was adopted, which is also the current name. In 1997, a store was opened at Malmö University at Kranen in Malmö, and in 2000, a store was also set up in the basement of Campus Helsingborg.

This was how KFS once looked like.

In the years thereafter, the business has been gradually refined to focus once again on what was the origin of the company's creation, the student bookstore in Lund. As the latest big change was the disbandingof the printing business in July 2009.

In April 2018, KFS would adapt to the times again, and initiatied the sale of pre-owned literature. KFS sells this litterature on commission for any LTH-student who is ready to say good-bye to their books, assiting both sellers and buyers in saving coins for their wallet.

Today, KFS have a shop close to the students inside the LTH Study Center. Here you find, in addition to compendiums and course literature, technologist hats, office supplies, USB sticks and much more.

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